US Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
7360596 (-)

Total Deaths:
218233 (-)

Total Recovered:
2796278 (-)

All COVID-19 data displayed on the page is available through our FREE API program. This US Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats is refreshed every hour using credible data sources, including the country/state’s official government website, data available on wikipedia pages, latest news reports, Johns Hopkins University CSSE 2019-nCoV Dashboard, WHO Situation ReportsCDC Situation Updates, and

Trending Coronavirus News in US

First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.
NBC News10/1/2020
Students in hundreds of New York City middle and high schools start in-person classes Thursday, as the system gears up for random testing for the new coronavirus.
Wall Street Journal10/1/2020
President Trump has spent six months searching for a clear message that would erode Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in the polls. With less than five weeks left in the race, the Republican still hasn’t found an answer.
Wall Street Journal10/1/2020
The number of people currently hospitalized is 178, and the state's seven-day, moving average positivity rate is 3.46%.
New cases of COVID-19 rose in 27 out of 50 U.S. states in September compared with August, led by an increase of 111% in Wisconsin, according to a Reuters analysis.
But who is in the Oval Office debating issues? Is Atlas in there alone?' asks former Domestic Policy Adviser Joe Grogan.
Washington Post10/1/2020
South Dakota reported a decrease in the number of active cases to 3,658 on Wednesday as the state marked the end of its deadliest month of the pandemic to date.
Washington Times10/1/2020
The surge also comes as 1.2 million Wisconsinites have already started the voting process by mail, momentum which Trump aims to capitalize on when he visits Saturday.
The top public health official in Kansas said Wednesday that the state has yet to see its biggest wave of coronavirus cases, suggesting the pandemic could spawn an average of 800 or even 900 new cases a day in coming months.
Houston Chronicle10/1/2020
Students in Sioux Falls who have been exposed to the coronavirus will now be able to return to school rather than quarantining at home for two weeks as long as everyone was wearing a mask, according to a unanimous decision by the school board which goes into effect Thursday.
Fox News10/1/2020

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Dear Smartable team,

Great work but can you please add a button to plot on a logarithmic scale on the data charts? I realize quite a few people don’t know what that does for them but its the only way to show/see all these data together… I’m in the process of a very simple integration of your data with our first responder PrePlan application for our existing and new clients. We are in the process of relaunching the company and the first response community needs relevant info served up efficiently to know what they’re facing to help guide what they do. Thank you!

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