Sweden Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
547166 (-)

Total Deaths:
11005 (-)

Total Recovered:
4971 (-)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Sweden

Sweden said on Sunday it would temporarily stop all foreigners coming in from Norway from midnight, in a bid to halt the spread of the new coronavirus variant first spotted in Britain.
All of the people given doses from the faulty delivery are healthcare professionals. In total 2,100 vaccine doses - around 20% of what Sweden has so far received from Moderna - were kept at too low a temperature.
Hindustan Times1/22/2021
STOCKHOLM — Criticism of the Swedish government’s light-touch coronavirus strategy looks like it is starting to stick with voters. An opinion poll this week showed Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrats lost the top spot at the start of January after the death rate from COVID-19 spiked and recommendations in place to fight the spread of disease were breached by a number of government figures.
Sweden, whose unorthodox pandemic strategy placed it in the global spotlight, registered 4,703 new coronavirus cases since Thursday, Health Agency statistics showed on Friday.
Sweden, whose unorthodox pandemic strategy placed it in the global spotlight, registered 6,580 new coronavirus cases since Wednesday, Health Agency statistics showed on Thursday.
Sweden’s death toll goes past 10,000; Lebanon closes supermarkets in lockdown; WHO team touches down in Wuhan
The Guardian1/14/2021
Sweden, whose unorthodox pandemic strategy placed it in the global spotlight, registered 5,337 new coronavirus cases since Tuesday, Health Agency statistics showed on Wednesday.
Sweden has registered 17,395 new coronavirus cases since Friday, taking the total above 500,000 cases since the start of the pandemic, Health Agency statistics showed on Tuesday.
Sweden’s new emergency lockdown law went into effect on Sunday, granting the government the power to impose coronavirus-related curbs for the first time. The measure comes nearly a year after the Nordic country ruled out the same strict public health measures that were implemented throughout the rest of Europe.
Sweden’s parliament on Friday approved a temporary law giving the government new powers to shut private businesses to stop the spread of coronavirus.  The law represents a significant step by Sweden’s leaders away from the uniquely light-touch strategy they have followed since last March and toward the sort of approach adopted by much

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