Russia Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
882347 (+5212)

Total Deaths:
14854 (+129)

Total Recovered:
690207 (+6615)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Russia

U.S. intelligence shows that Russia is trying to "denigrate" Joe Biden, and China prefers that President Trump lose reelection, an assessment described by the ODNI says.
CBS News8/7/2020
In a lawsuit filed this week in Miami, the government says the oligarchs and their operatives in the United States bought the 29-story office tower — as well as property in Dallas and Cleveland — with money “traceable to an international conspiracy to launder money embezzled and fraudulently obtained from the bank.
USA Today8/7/2020
Russia has announced that mass vaccinations are planned for early October, which would make it the first country to approve and distribute a coronavirus vaccine, but scientists are warning against the move.
Fox News8/7/2020
Frustrated with the administration, China prefers Trump doesn't win reelection. Russia, however, is actively trying to tear down Biden.
Business Insider8/7/2020
In a public report, a senior counterintelligence official said that China prefers President Trump to lose and that Iran aims to undermine U.S. democracy.
Wall Street Journal8/7/2020
A false report claiming five Ukrainians had died after taking an American-made vaccine spread in just a matter of days from a small Kremlin-friendly Ukrainian website to an audience of thousands in U.
Russia says it will approve the first COVID-19 vaccine next week even though the Phase 3 trial, to prove if it's safe and effective, is not complete. Dr. Bob Lahita joins CBSN's Anne-Marie Green to discuss the concerns.
CBS News8/7/2020
Russia is boasting that it’s about to be the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, with mass vaccinations planned as early as October using shots that are yet to complete clinical trials.
FOX 10 Phoenix8/7/2020
The coronavirus has infected more than 19.11 million people around the world as of Friday, killing at least 715,163 people.
Russian authorities reported 5,267 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Thursday, pushing its national tally to 871,894, the fourth largest in the world.

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