Peru Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
463875 (-)

Total Deaths:
20649 (-)

Total Recovered:
314332 (-)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Peru

English News and Press Release on Peru and 2 other countries about Contributions, Education, Epidemic and more; published on 07 Aug 2020 by USAID
LIMA, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Peru, a top global metals exporter, saw its output of copper, gold and zinc nosedive in the first half of 2020, ravaged by restrictions put in place to curb the coronavirus ...
Some of those who sought a new life in Peru say they were met with xenophobia from Peruvians who fear that the Venezuelans are taking their jobs away. Fears stoke backlash against
A staggering 900-plus girls and women are missing and feared dead in Peru since COVID-19 confinement began, authorities said Monday.
Channel NewsAsia Singapore7/27/2020
Photograph: Denis Mayhua As the presidential motorcade pulled away from the main hospital in Peru’s second city – fleeing an angry protest by medical staff and relatives of Covid-19 patients – one woman broke away from the crowd. Celia Capira ran ...
The Guardian7/23/2020
Peru President Martín Vizcarra says 3,688 people were mistakenly not included in the previously reported death toll of those killed by the novel coronavirus. The revised death toll is at least 17,455.
Voice of America7/22/2020
A mother was reunited with her premature baby Saturday after both survived the coronavirus. He not only had to fight against those odds, but he also had the coronavirus. Lissy has coronavirus as well.
WNYT NewsChannel 137/22/2020
As the spread of COVID-19 catches fire across much of America, two smaller South American countries have been hit just as hard, if not harder. Peru and Chile have extraordinarily high numbers of ...
24/7 Wall St7/21/2020
Restaurants in Peru are accepting diners for the first time since closing four months ago at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in March.   Under new guidelines, businesses on Monday resumed operations at 40% capacity.
Voice of America7/21/2020
"Death, Death, here it comes," Néstor Vargas and Luis José Cerpa sang with the radio through their face masks, as they barreled down the road in their van.

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