Netherlands Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
1073971 (+5011)

Total Deaths:
15438 (+32)

Total Recovered:
250 (-)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Netherlands

Sweden's Klarna is on track to report a more than 40% jump in the annual value of transactions carried out on its payment platform to over $50 billion as more consumers move online during the COVID-19 pandemic,
COVID-19 patients in Sweden may now be treated with a drug currently under review by the European Medicines Agency, the country's authority in charge of pharmaceuticals announced on Thursday. The Swedish Medical Products Agency said it decided to authorize the emergency use of the drug in COVID-19 patients with underlying conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus.
STOCKHOLM: Sweden is eyeing to to close gyms, restaurants and hair salons using its new legislation ahead of a feared third coronavirus wave, the government said Wednesday. Sweden in January adopted a pandemic law giving the government new powers to curb the spread of the virus.
The News International2/17/2021
STOCKHOLM — The Swedish government warned Wednesday of possible local lockdowns for the first time in the pandemic as it fears a new wave following an increase of cases in some regions after
Associated Press2/17/2021
Sweden has extended an evening ban on alcohol sales, as the spread of the coronavirus remains high and the country sees an increasing number of Covid-19 cases caused by the more contagious virus variant.
During the last couple of weeks, the Swedish media has at last woken up to its responsibility and started to question the government and the unique strategy it used to handle the outbreak of the coronavirus.
Denmark and Sweden say they are developing systems for digital vaccine certification, known as "vaccine passports," allowing travelers to prove they have had an anti-coronavirus injection. Europe Morten Bodskov The scheme will act as record for anyone wishing to travel - both domestically and internationally to countries that require proof of inoculation.
People travelling to Denmark and Sweden need to show a negative Covid-19 test, as part of efforts to fight the spread of new variants of the virus, their governments announced on Saturday. In Denmark,
The Brussels Times2/7/2021
All persons wishing to enter Sweden will be required to present a negative result of the COVID-19 Test upon their arrival. Government of Sweden announced that if travellers do not present a document showing the negative results of the COVID-19 Test ...
Just last month, a coalition of technology firms and health organizations bared its plans to create a digital vaccine certificate.
International Business Times2/5/2021

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