Italy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
2868435 (+19871)

Total Deaths:
96974 (+308)

Total Recovered:
2375318 (+12853)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Italy

After Italy’s government loosened Covid-19 restrictions in much of the country – including Lazio, the region that contains Rome and Vatican City – newly reopened museums are offering local visitors th
The Guardian2/23/2021
Syria approves Sputnik vaccine; UK government eyes return to normal by end of June; Fauci says political divide contributed to ‘stunning’ US deaths
The Guardian2/23/2021
Italy recorded its first cases of coronavirus and soon became the epicenter for COVID-19 deaths across Europe. Italy was the first country to implement the kind of nationwide lockdowns that the rest of world soon turned to.
CBS News2/22/2021
Italy reported 274 coronavirus-related deaths on Monday against 232 the day before, the health ministry said, while the daily tally of new infections fell to 9,630 from 13,452 the day before.
The Italian government on Monday extended a ban on non-essential travel between the country's 20 regions until March 27 as it looks to slow the spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants.
"Last year we had 188 funerals," a woman in Nembro, once the epicenter of Italy's coronavirus epidemic, tells CBS News. "This year, people are planning weddings."
CBS News2/22/2021
Pope Francis and Italy's president have marked the nation's first annual day to honor doctors, nurses and other health care workers, exactly a year after the nation's first known native case of COVID-
Italian police investigating fake COVID-19 drugs and vaccines have interviewed a Veneto regional official who reported receiving offers to buy 27 million doses of Pfizer shots
Associated Press2/19/2021
An Italian Holocaust survivor’s attempt to encourage other older adults to receive the anti-COVID-19 vaccine has triggered a wave of anti-Semitic comments and other invective on social media
Officials have canceled one of the main events this weekend commemorating the first anniversary of the start of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak after clusters of new infections traced to
Associated Press2/18/2021

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