China Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
93135 (+73)

Total Deaths:
4803 (+1)

Total Recovered:
88139 (+23)

All COVID-19 data displayed on the page is available through our FREE API program. This China Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats is refreshed every hour using credible data sources, including the country/state’s official government website, data available on wikipedia pages, latest news reports, Johns Hopkins University CSSE 2019-nCoV Dashboard, WHO Situation ReportsCDC Situation Updates, and

Trending Coronavirus News in China

Eleven others were rescued a day earlier after being trapped underground for two weeks at the mine in Shandong province. One person was still missing.
USA Today1/25/2021
A year after Wuhan brought the coronavirus to the world's attention, resident Zhu Tao, a critic of the Chinese government, is more isolated than ever.
Los Angeles Times1/25/2021
The batch of imported cherries being sold in Wuxi, southeastern Jiangsu province that had traces of the novel coronavirus on the inner packaging were not from Chile, the Embassy of the Republic of Chile said yesterday.
Yicai Global1/25/2021
Hong Kong has formally approved use of the Fosun Pharma-BioNTech vaccine, the city government said on Monday, the first COVID-19 vaccine to be accepted in the Asian financial hub.
China is trying to spread doubt about the effectiveness of Western vaccines and the origin of the coronavirus as a World Health Organization-selected team of scientists are in the city where the pande
Washington Post1/25/2021
China has found harmless traces of the novel coronavirus in some COVID-19 inoculation sites potentially linked to vaccine liquid, its disease control centre said.
Turkey received 6.5 million further doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinovac Biotech on Monday, several local media reports said, allowing a nationwide rollout to continue.
China is building a coronavirus quarantine center with more than 4,000 rooms in a northern city at a speed that's rarely seen in other countries
Beijing's cynical propaganda campaign comes after the recent arrival of World Health Organisation investigators in Wuhan to probe the origins of Covid-19.
Daily Mail1/25/2021
China is doing to Australia what the Brits did to China 200 years ago, when the Chinese learned a hard lesson about spending too much hard currency, writes Neil Newman.
South China Morning Post1/24/2021

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