China – Hong Kong Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats

Total Confirmed Cases:
10159 (+73)

Total Deaths:
170 (+1)

Total Recovered:
9056 (+23)

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Trending Coronavirus News in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has formally approved use of the Fosun Pharma-BioNTech vaccine, the city government said on Monday, the first COVID-19 vaccine to be accepted in the Asian financial hub.
New UK Covid variant may be 30% more deadly, says Johnson; World’s poor need action, not Covid ‘vaccine nationalism’, say experts; Germany’s Covid death toll exceeds 50,000
The Guardian1/22/2021
New infections in recent months and a contagious new variant threatening to accelerate the pandemic have prompted some governments to revert to their harshest social-distancing measures. In Hong Kong,
New York Times1/22/2021
HONG KONG (AP) — Thousands of Hong Kong residents were locked down Saturday in an unprecedented move to contain a worsening outbreak in the city, authorities said. Hong Kong has been grappling to contain a fresh wave of the coronavirus since November.
Houston Chronicle1/22/2021
Factors such as availability, safety and efficacy of other Covid-19 vaccines will also determine how jabs are distributed to residents.
South China Morning Post1/21/2021
Hong Kong is set to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine before the end of the week, with a warehouse in the financial centre being selected to store the vials, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.
An Indian player tests positive for coronavirus but Hong Kong men’s singles star has few problems dispatching first-round opponent in Bangkok.
South China Morning Post1/20/2021
Hong Kong no longer has the busiest airport for international traffic in Asia after the coronavirus pandemic wiped out travel, leaving South Korea's Incheon International Airport in top spot, albeit with drastically fewer numbers than previous years.
The Straits Times1/19/2021
Hong Kong will extend work-from-home arrangements for civil servants by a week until Jan. 27, the government said on Tuesday, as the global financial hub seeks to contain a rise in coronavirus infections into triple digits.
City leader denies government linking spread of disease to race after health official suggests members of ethnic minority groups engaged in ‘risky behaviour’. Members of Nepalese community call the remarks deeply unfair and say they must live in cramped conditions due to high rent.
South China Morning Post1/19/2021

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