Guide to Remote Work: Constellation Research

Guide to Remote Work: Constellation Research – COVID-19

Remote Work Setup

This guide was created by Dion Hichliffe follows on the heals of an an article he wrote in the last week about the shift to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 disease. As a response to all of the interest, he put this video together on how to ease the impact of this situation on workers. Its packed with a lot of good information for people that are just starting, want to learn more or are in the middle of working remote.

Get a comprehensive overview of the more effective strategies, tools, and techniques to help workers stay productive remotely. Learn how to set up a high-quality remote work program or significantly improve an existing one. Aimed at both IT and businesses.

Hosted by Dion Hinchcliffe

Original Article:

Slideshare Presentation
If you wanted to take more time to read this over, There is also a slideshare presentation that accompanies the video.


What tools do you use?

The team at Smartable AI works remotely and we use Microsoft Teams to chat, call and do our strategic planning. This is something we have been deliberate about when developing our style of work.

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